Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome back. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Yes, it has been an abnormally long time since I have updated this blog. It hasn't been for lack of something to write about, but mostly due to lack of motivation. But don't you fret, it's time for an update.

Mostly I want to write about my new jorb. When last I wrote, I was still doing temp work packing candy (see previous post). But, as many already know, I have acquired a new jorb working for Expeditors International. As many also may know (but most probably don't) I love this new jorb of mine. I work as an Ocean Import Agent. Expeditors in general imports and exports goods on behalf of clients. Specifically, I do everything involved in getting those big steel containers you see on the road from the ocean to the customer's front door, save for the customs clearance. Even more specifically, that means arranging for the containers to be moved from the ship to a train, from a train to a truck, or directly from the ship to a truck. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!

Now, this might not sound like a super exciting jorb, but it's actually very interesting work. I work with a bunch of really nice, really funny people. Okay, maybe not always nice, but definitely funny. It's like they hired me to work with me. Beyond that, there are a lot of steps involved with moving a container from point A to point B, so I get a large variety of tasks on any given day. And the best thing about my jorb is that there is actually a future in it. If I do well, there are abundant opportunities for advancement. If not, I'll probably get fired. But I've never been fired, so that's just ridiculous.

Anyhow, I realize that there is not much entertainment value in this post, but people been getting on me about not writing. Additionally, I like this jorb, so for those of you who may read this blog in an attempt to find out out more about my current situation, now you know. So this has been my feeble attempt and placating them. I hope to come upon a more entertaining topic in the next few days, and if I do, you're in for a treat.


Jill said...

Yay! You wrote something! I've missed your blog - good to have you back.

Katey said...

Welcome back my dear friend! Glad you love you're job. It's great not dreading waking up the next morning.

Michelle said...

For your next post, I'm hoping you'll give us a detailed explanation about your new Facebook profile picture. That's somethin' else... I'd love to hear the story behind that one!

P.S. I found your blog off of Jill's, just in case you're wondering how I got here!

Michelle said...

P.P.S. This is your cousin Michelle.