Friday, January 16, 2009

An Addendum: Reasons I love my job.

1. Molestache Monday - This will be held on Jan 26. A few of the guys in my department are growing beards/goatees, all of which will be shaved into mustaches on that day.

2. Wednesday's Weekly Wiener - I have recently discovered that you can get a really big, really delicious Polish sausage at the Cosco for $1.50. With a Coke! Every Wednesday we go get one (or two).

3. Asian Accents - I'm not kidding when I say that somedays I speak more with a bad Asian accent than a normal American one. Besides, how can you not laugh when someone emails you, "Please to be kindly actioning the below request". Okay, maybe it's not that funny to you.

4. Your Mom Jokes - Not replying to every question with "your mom" but actual, well thought out jokes about dating your mother. Good times.

5. Banana Peels - Everyday I eat a banana for breakfast and put the peel in my Lead's garbage can. Everyday he comes in and tries to figure out who it was. Hee hee. Now half the office knows it's me, but he still doesn't. Some of them have started bringing bananas too and putting their peels in Jimmy's garbage. Best part, he's enlisted me to help him find out who it is.

6. Monotone Karaoke - Quite often early in the morning, you'll hear someone break out an eighties classic with no voice inflection at all. There's nothing quite like Journey or Chicago just butchered at 7:30 in the morning. "Don't Stop....Believin'"

In short, I'm a lucky man.


Bonny said...

hilarious! Glad you're back to blogging. You're fun to read :)

Katey said...

Good times in the work place. The great!

Jake said...

I want to be there for karaoke! You know how I love to belt out all sorts of songs, especially if they are ballads. And you know I can't carry a tune it a bucket.

I wish I was there.