Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Open Letter to my Friend Dave

Dear Dave,

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much I think of you. When I was a kid, I looked up to you much more than you probably ever realized, or that I ever would have admitted. For years I marvelled at how everybody that knew you liked you, and wondered if people would ever like me that much too. To me you were the epitome of cool.

Years ago when my brother Jeff went on a mission, you started inviting me to spend time with you. You invited me to play volleyball, or to dinner, or any number of other things with your friends, who were always cooler to me at the time than mine. You even invited me to hang out just the two of us, and you never had to do that. For years you had been “Jeff’s friend”, but now you were mine as well. When you told me then that you missed Jeff on his mission, I remember distinctly thinking “if it’s okay for Dave to miss Jeff, I can admit that too”. Even when Jeff returned, you continued to treat me as a friend. I never felt like I was invited just because I was Jeff's little brother. You taught me that it is okay to care about people. When I went away to college, and again on my mission, you made it a point to buy me a nice dinner. A small thing, I know, but nobody does that for their best friend’s little brother. There are a thousand other examples of times when you went out of your way to make me feel included. I will always appreciate the effort you made, when most wouldn't have.

Dave, I will always remember you as a great man and a great friend. You would have done anything in the world for me, and I never doubted that. I’m so sorry that you felt so sad for so long. I wish that I had done more to let you know how much I care. Several times recently I have thought to give you a call and tell you that I miss you, and that we should spend time together. Every time I dismissed it, thinking that you probably would not pick up anyway. I should have at least tried, or left a message. I’m sorry that I didn’t.

I think there are probably hundreds of people that feel the same way that I do. I wish we could have convinced you that you are as worthwhile as I always thought you were. For my part, I’m going to be a better man, and I’m going to treat people a little better than I currently do, because that is what I will always remember about you. I love you, Dave. And I will miss you greatly.



Jeneil said...

I can't stop crying for my brothers today. I love you.

Love, Jenny

Mel said...

Great post! I love Dave too and feel like I could have done more!

Bonny said...

Reading this makes me wish I could have known him. I'm sad for you.

Katey said...

I'm sorry you lost a good friend!