Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old People

Okay, I feel like it's time to get something off my chest. I have come to hate old people. I apologize if this makes you think I am a bad person. Actually, I apologize because I am a bad person, but I just can't help it. Everyday I go to the grocery store across the street from my place of employment to get lunch. I like to get lunch at the grocery store because I can get a relatively cheap and healthy lunch. It also has helped immensely with my goal to cut way down on the amount of fast food that I shove into my ever-bloating body. The main problem with this change of lifestyle is the vast sea of geriatrics that occupy the grocery store at 12:00 on a weekday afternoon. They move slowly. They never look where they are going. They just stop walking at the most random moments, which on several occasions has caused me almost to run over them. In my little brain I have honestly thought, "I bet if I just ran right into her, she might actually look around the next time". Yes, you read that correctly, I almost talked myself into putting a football-style hit on an old lady at the grocery store. This is what it's come to. At what point in life does it become acceptable to just live your life as though nobody else exists? I pretty much can't wait until I get to that point.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about this little problem. I keep telling myself that each of these old people were once young people, with families and kids and jobs and all of the other things that go with youth and middle age. Then I feel bad about getting so angry. I guess that helps a little. Mostly it just makes me sad. One day I may be at the Walmart looking for my favorite brand of adult diaper and some 20 something will look at me as though I am worthless. It won't be my fault. My legs will hurt. My back will hurt. Maybe my kids live far away and I never get to talk to them. Maybe my wife is sick and I can't deal with it. Maybe she died last month or last year or 20 years ago and I'm just lonely. Maybe the trip to the grocery store is the only social interaction I get in a day or week, and I just want it to last as long as I can before I have to go home to my loneliness.

There could easily be a brazilian different reasons for any person to act in any fashion that might annoy me. I think sometimes it's easier to see the annoying behaviour than the real person, old or not, that might be creating it. I guess it wouldn't hurt me to try that once in a while, rather than laying grandma out on the tile floor.

p.s. this post turned out nothing like I intended it, but it's better this way.


the hot'ns said...

Hi Boy!
I found your blog through the comment you left on Jill's blog. Were you trying to keep it a secret so you could write mean things about me? I'll sure miss you when I'm in heaven and you're in hell (the old person thing). Actually that post turned out rather nice. I bet you get a lot of traffic with a blog named "Busty"!


Jill said...

Bust, you might be evil. And, I think a lot of people know that you're handsome.

Katey said...

Hmmm...I recall a conversation of such a similar topic. I kind of thought you were evil at the time but the end of this post redeemed that for me a little.

Jake said...

Busty Bloggy? That's awesome.

Your post makes me a little sad about the prospect of getting old. I guess I should avoid it as long as possible.

garrett said...

I love that in the midst of a pet peeve, we all got to witness one of your rare fits of conscience. It's kinda funny. See what actually writing thoughts out can do? But you'll still probably go to hell. Sorry. But at least your handsome, right?